A devastating earthquake has struck Turkey & Syria with thousands of people dead. Please join us in praying for victims and the bereaved.


The information available on PROSTITUTION on this website is designed to educate and make people aware of the evil of the sex trade and how women are lured, driven by desperation or trafficked into the industry and kept under severe control and abuse. Info on how to escape is made available here. Click above to learn more!


All our mission outreach and support programs are carried out through our HEART OF LOVE
mission initiative. Heart of Love is our flaghsip outreach program through which we deliver aid, support, supplies and assistance to all those who benefit from the initiatives of JHM. Click above to learn more.

Life After Domestic Abuse

Beloved there is 'LIFE' after domestic violence & abuse and there is life after experiencing a forced sex trade exploitation, prostitution or violent sex abuse. You can start life AFRESH today, here & now!



The aim of this project is to help poor & struggling people to gain access to much needed supplements & vitamins. Many do not eat food containing essential minerals due to their state of lack & poverty. Click here to learn more.


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We are always seeking volunteers who have the passion, dedication, compassion and willingness to become involved in serving those in need both at home and abroad.
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