Serving With A Heart Of Love

Jannet Hopewell Hopewell Ministries is always seeking volunteers who have the passion, dedication, compassion and willingness to become involved in serving those in need both at home and abroad. We welcome and appreeciate people who love people, are kind hearted, caring, hardworking and willing to go the extra mile to ensure that relief comes to others.

Volunteers Opportunities - We need:
Local Campaign prepresentative - Scotland,
Local Campaign prepresentative - England & Wales,
International Campaign prepresentative (All nations required)

Other Volunteers Opportunities - We need:
Office administrators, helpers and assistants
Mission staffers locally & overseas
Educational Support volunteers,
Outreach/Street Awareness Campaigns.
Grocery stores Bag Packing Campaign advocates.
Neighbourhood Representatives.
Christian Counsellors.
Self Defence Teachers/Tutors.
Sisters Keepers.
Volunteer caseworkers.
Daily outreach volunteers,
Legal Advice Services helpers.
Healthcare Flyers distributing advocates.
Business/Corporate Connection advocates.
Educational community Advocates.
Conference & Campaign Admin staff
Pastoral care Volunteers
Church Community Advocates.
Youth Campaign Asdvocates.

If you have a desire to volunteer & serve those in need, we welcome you at JHM.
To get started, please complete the volunteer application form below.
Please note that all our volunteers are required to go through our training & orientation program.
If you are to work directly with women and children, a CRB check will be required.
We look forward to hearing from you soon!
Thank you & God bless you!


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