Schools Connect Project

Below are essential information about our unique schools connect project and how you can help/participate.

What is the schools connect project about?
Our schools connect project was set up to assist poorer schools in Africa and India to be able to meet their lacking & essential infrastructures need. Many of such schools are run down with dilapidated buildings or having facilities that are in dire need of urgent & serious repairs.

Some need new roofs that has been leaking for ages, new toilets for boys and girls, repair of broken school desks and chairs, need to build a library or an assembly hall, buy sports kit, create a safe and effective drainage system, clear gutters and staganant waste/refuse, help children buy school uniforms, provide books & exercise books/notebooks to children without such essential need or to pay the salary backlog to teachers, etc.

Some schools have no electricity or electical wiring or have defective wiring, hence they cannot operate computers, fans, air condition systems or light up the classroom when the weather is dark outside. Some have broken windows, doors and some have nothing to shield the children from the elements where there is a storm, thunderstorm or heavy rainfall. We need funding, partners, volunteers, helpers and we are seeking those who feel called by God and whose hearts are moved to help, to please join us and partner with us to help these schools in need. We invite you to get in touch and join hands with us for this special mission assignment.

Why is there a need for the schools connect project?
There are so many reasons why schools in the developing world need help. The problems vary from location to location and can be dependent on a host of factors which are too numerous to enumerate here.

However, these are some of the reasons why?
  • Poverty, poverty & more poverty - Meaning lack of finance.
  • The schools are too old and have been built many, many years ago:
  • The schools fell into disrepair due to lack of funding from local/central government.
  • The schools are in poor areas where the standard of living is very low and where the poorest people live.
  • The parents of the school children are too poor to contribute to any repair funds.
  • Some schools were built with mud bricks and will need to be demolished and rebuilt with costly proper bricks.
  • Schools typically have no building funds or repair funds set aside for repair emergencies.
  • School staff and official have tried in vain repeatedly and failed to find solutions & are resigned/perplexed.
  • And much, much more....
What is the average cost of a school repair/redecoration?
The cost of carrying out repairs in schools vary and depends on the extent of the existing damage or repairs required.
The examples below are merely stated for guidance only. Repair cost are also affected by varying cost of labour and building materials:

  • Provide a child with a school uniform: £25-50/Per child
  • Average cost of desk & chair repair/replacement:£50
  • Provide books & exercise books/notebooks & textbooks per child:£50-100
  • Door repair/Replacement:£75-100
  • Replacing a set of classroom windows: £100-150
  • Clear gutters and staganant waste, drainage system: £500
  • Average roof repair per class:£350-500
  • Create a safe and effective drainage system:£650+
  • Landscape the school & plant grass & flowers- From:£500+
  • Buy musical equipments for the school - From: £1,050+
  • Buy sports kits for the school:£1,250-1,500
  • Build & equip a school library: £1,500+
  • Build a new toilet/laterine with six units:£1,550
  • Provide electricity/wiring of the school:£1,250-1,850
  • Clear salary backlog-From: £3,000-5,000
  • Build a new classroom block: From £10,000-15,000
Champions-4-Schools Partnership
1. You can simply give a financial gift or make a donation of any amount.
2. You can become a champion for schools by 'Adopting-A-School' & undertaking to support them through our scheme. You will then carry out fundraising activities by yourself or along with others all year round (as you are able to) to raise needed funds for carrying out essential repairs, buy books, or build new classrooms, as per the need of the chosen school. Anybody, individuals or families can do this, old & young alike.

School-2-School Partnership
Your school can 'Adopting-A-School' in Africa or India through us with whom you develop a relationship that can be mutually beneficial to your students and theirs. You can fundraise as a school to assist them in meeting their repairs, building upgrading endeavours and help the students in those schools to share their experiences with your students, thereby forging life long links and enabling your own students to become more aware of how life is elsewhere in struggling communities around the world. It will more than broaden your student's horizon and widen their perspectives in life. The rewards are incalculable and the impact on the partner schools in the developing world can never be measured.
It will make a big diffrence in the lives of all the students overseas also. They can/will exchange letters with the students at your school. Your generosity will not be forgetton in a hurry by the children you help abroad.
So, we urge head teachers & school teachers to please get in touch with us to join this prject today.

Business-4-Schools Partnership
Businesses and companies are invited to 'Adopt-A-School' that is struggling in India or Africa and help them to improve their school facilities & standard of education. There is an ample oppurtunity to help supply poor children in the schools with books, food, educational materials, help repair their buildings & infrastructures, help to erect new buildings, provide water supplies to the schools, help them pay a back log of teacher's salaries, help build & equip school laboratory & libraries, put new roofs on aging, old, storm battered buildings and so much more.
We truly urge businesses to consider helping us with this project.

Skills-4-Schools Partnership
Professional builders, carpenters, brick layers, masonry workers, engineers, architects and other handy men & women, who have skills that are applicable for carrying out building repairs are invited to come to the mission field in Africa/India to volunteer their skills, time and passion for helping poor schools and help make repairs, redecorate or erect new buildings. It is a very rewarding experience that will impact your entire life. Above all, you will be making a massive difference.

List of benefits attached:
  • You will be making a huge difference in the lives of deprived children.
  • Your contribution will impact many generations of children.
  • By your participation, you will be ensuring that the children have a successful future.
  • You will have the satisfaction of knowing you are helping to build a better world.
  • Your life will be so enriched by the experience & the reward is incalculable to your soul.

If you interested in being a part of the this project, please email and request for details.
Email: admin@jannethopewellministries.co.uk or complete the application form below.

Thanks for Your Generous Donation! - God bless!
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We invite you to get in touch and join hands with us for the mission work set before us.
Thank you & may the LORD bless up always!