Books For Schools Project

Below are information about our books for schools initiative.

What is the books for schools Project about?
The books for school project is one of the simplest project of JHM where we aim to impact the life of a child in such a way that enables them to have a better future. We are strongly committed to partnering with local schools on the ground to identify children from struggling/poor homes who cannot afford to buy school books or have the basic necessities such as school uniforms, school shoes or school dinners. We aim to assist one child at a time as the financial and manpower resources allows. It is an ongoing project and the need is ever increasing, year after year.

Why is there a need for the books for schools Project?
There are so many reasons why this project is needed and is a lifeline to many children who benefit from it.
Here are some:

  • Books are very expensive in the developing countries.
  • Most of the parents who are poor, impoverished and have very low income struggle to afford books for their children.
  • School fees and parental contributions per child are very high in the developing world.
  • Many parents are unemployed or are stuck in very low paying jobs.
  • Many employed parents have not received their salaries/wages for many months.
  • Schools do not and cannot afford to provide free books for their pupils.
  • Many, many schools do not and cannot afford to set up a library in their schools at all.
  • School uniforms, daily meals, transport cost and other expenses put buying books at low priority.
  • Government do not pay for or provide free books to their students even where education is said to be free.
  • There are no non-governmental agencies providing free books in many of these nations.
  • Book publishers in developing world often change the books frequently as such parents cannot keep up or rely on hand me down books.
  • There are no public libraries nearby where parents can go and borrow books for their children.
  • Many public libraries do not have or do not stock the relevant books for school children and many cannot afford to do so.
What is the cost of operating the books for schools Project?
a) You can donate money for buying books for students in Africa or India, which is the easiest/quicket way to help provide the books on the ground.
b) A Donation of just £50 will enable us to buy at best 20 books for needy students.
c) If sending books by post, please ensure that you have paid the cost of postage or freight as we have no bugdet to pay for shipping at all.
d) Please email us before shipping so that we can advise you of the best way to package the books and where to ship the books to for onward transmission.

Here are some useful facts:
  • 7 out of 10 students struggle to afford getting all their school books all year round.
  • Lack of books means that a child does not have the basic tools for a better education or a better future.
  • Teachers in the developing world are frequently depressed and frustrated that their students have no books.
  • 8 out of 10 schools do not have a library and cannot afford the cost of setting up a school library.
  • 100% of the money donated to us for the books project will be applied to the books for schools project.
How can I/We help with the books for school project?
1. Do you or your local school have a number of of good quality books which you don't use anymore or need anymore?Are these books in English or French? Why not donate them to us so that we can package them and donate them to schools in Africa & India or elsewhere? We are especially looking for books that are in fair to good condition.
2. We especially welcome books donations from nursery schools, primary schools, high schools & secondary schools and would love to partner with educational establishments who may wish to help us in this endeavour as their own school's project.
3. Your donation to cover the cost of shipping these books is very welcomed because it costs about £30 to ship an average box of books to Africa/India. The shipping price of course varies from country to country. Some destinations/countries are far more expensive than others.
4. You can donate money for buying books for students in Africa or India. A Donation of just £50 will enable us to buy 20 books for needy students.
5. You can help to fundraise for buying books for students directly in Africa or India. You will be making a huge difference!
6. We welcome partnerships from companies, businesses. social trade organisations, rotary clubs, fraternities, sororities, printers, book publishers and other corporate entities. We covet your financial help for buying books on the ground for the children and in being able to ship books as well as assist the local schools to meet infrastructural needs on the ground.
7. Your support is invaluable! Please help us with this project.

Used Book Donation Policy:
  • Old, dusty, torn or tattered books are not suitable for the project.
  • English, mathematics, literature and books on other subjects are welcomed.
  • It is very important that you package the books nicely and indicate the age groups it is most suitable for.
  • If sending books by post, please ensure that you have paid the cost of postage or feright as we have no bugdet to pay for shipping.
  • Please email us before shipping so that we can advise you of the best way to package the books and where to ship the books to.

If you interested in being a part of the this project, please email and request for details.
Email: info@jannethopewellministries.org or complete the application form below.

Thanks for Your Generous Donation! - God bless!
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We invite you to get in touch and join hands with us for the mission work set before us.
Thank you & may the LORD bless up always!