Evening Schools Project

Whats is the evening school project about?
The evening school project is our HOPE PROJECT. it is designed to bring the hope of education to children and teenagers who do not attend regular school for one reasons or another either due to lack of funds to go to school or having been refused by parents who need the child for his/her labour to bring money/food in for the family, or are street children living rough or begging bread.

The project is an alternative means of bringing/offering education and hope to children who will otherwise never, ever get access to any kind of education in life. The classroom can be in any setting varying from a room in the ghetto, to space under a bridge, a church or in the open air, under a tree or a donated space. The goal is to bring education to impoverished children and teenagers who will otherwise never be educated.

With our support and a willing volunteer or paid teacher, a black board & chalk, notebooks, slates, exercise books, and the determination to make a difference we can do so much more to rescue these little children from illiteracy, poverty and a life of slavery and a hopelessness.

Why is there a need for schools connect project?
There are so many reasons why an evening school project is necessary and a vital life line in the developing world especially in India and Africa.
The reasons and need for one vary from location to location and are dependent upon a host of factors which are too numerous to enumerate here. Even in nations where education is a statutory requirement and made compulsory, children are still being failed spectacularly and ignored by the system...

However, here are some of the reasons why?

  • Poverty, poverty & more poverty - Meaning lack of money by their parents to pay for school, books & supplies.
  • Some children are street children without parents, guadian or a responsible adult to send them to school.
  • Some children are slaves, having have been sold by their parents into slavery to pay off debts.
  • Many are required to work with their parents on the farms or at the quarry or at some other slavish enterprise.
  • Girls in particular are deemed to be a financial burden an not worth educating at all.
  • Some girls are held back by community traditions, ignorance and false belief that a woman's place is the home & kitchen.
  • Some of the children ran away from home from domestic violence & abuse, as such they are homeless & destitute.
  • Some are run away slaves, who now fend for themselves on the street, earning a living in any way possible.
  • Perhaps, the nearest school is too far away and getting back & forth to school is costly/unaffordable...
  • Perhaps, the nearest school has closed down, the infrastructure is unsafe for schooling or there are no teachers to teach in school.
  • And so on and so forth...
What is the average cost of running/setting up an evening schools project?
The cost of running/setting up an evening schools project is very low.
The examples below are stated only for guidance and repairs are depending on the varying cost of labour and building materials:

  • To rent a safe space/room/hall: From £50/Month
  • To pay 1 teacher & 1 assistant teacher:£100/Month
  • Daily evening meals/Supper after school for 30 kids:£350/Month
  • Miscellaneous expenses - Allow:£100/Month
  • Provide books & exercise books/notebooks & textbooks for 30 kids:£150
  • Average cost of desks & chair/bench to sit 30 kids & Blackboard:£350
Champions-4-Schools Pertnership
You can simply leave a gift or donate a gift of any amount.
Or you can become a champions for schools by undertaking to support a chosen evening school project through our scheme for whom you carry out fundraising activities with others all year round (as you are able to) to raise needed funds for carrying paying teachers, feed the children, buy books, or build a classrooms, as per the need of the chosen project. Anybody, individuals or families can do this, old & young alike.

School-2-School Partnership
Your school can adopt an evening school in Africa or India through us with whom you develop a relationship that can be mutually beneficial to your students and the students in the slums or ghetto. You can fundraise as a school to assist them in meeting their daily need and help the students in those evening schools to share their experiences with your students, thereby forging life long links and enabling your own students to become more aware of how life is elsewhere in struggling communities around the world. It will more than broaden your student's horizon and widen their perspectives in life. The rewards are incalculable and the impact on the adopted evening school will be so bleseed.
It will make a big diffrence in the lives of all the students there. They can/will exchange letters with the students your school is helping and much more. A generosity they will not forget in a hurry.
So, we urge head teachers & school teachers to please get in touch with us and adopt an evening school project.

Business-4-Schools Partnership
We invite businesses and companies to adopt evening street schools in India or Africa and help them to improve their schools & standard of education. There is an ample oppurtunity to help supply poor children with books, food, educational materials, repair buildings & infrastructures, erect new buildings, provide water supplies to schools, help them pay the teacher's salaries, help build proper classrooms or put a new roof on an aging, old, and storm battered building and so much more. The need are many. We urge businesses to consider helping us with the evening school project.

List of benefits attached:
  • You will be making a huge difference in the lives of deperived children.
  • By your participation, you will be ensuring the children have a successful future.
  • You will have the satisfaction of knowing you are helping to build a better world.
  • Your life will be so enriched by the experience & the reward is incalculable to your soul.

If you interested in being a part of the this project, please email and request for details.
Email: admin@jannethopewellministries.org or complete the application form below.

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