Information Training & Empowerment

Jannet Hopewell Hopewell Ministries provides tarining to volunteers, individuals, businesses, churches, solicitors, charities, schools, colleges, universities, clun operators, physicians, nurses, police officers, social workers and others who have interest, duty of office or compassion for those caught in domestic violence/abuse, sex trafficking and forced prostitution both at home and abroad. We welcome and appreciate the contribution of trained tutors, individuals, organisations & businesses who are willing to help us deliver training to those that can benefit from their knowledge and skills.

Topics & areas of the training we provide include:
Signs of domestic absue & violence.
Signs of sex trafficking & human trafficking
Signs of forced prostitution & exploitation of vulnerable women & girls
Dangers & evil of domestic violence, human trafficking & sex abuse.
Domestic violence in places of worship/faith houses.
Cultural impact on domestic violence in society.
Detailed information on the sex trade industry & its impact on victms.
Police & domestic violence approach (UK & Worldwide)
General Counselling & negotiation techniques
First Aid Course

Other key topics are:
Rescue techniques and protocol
Liaising with law enforcement agencies
Schools & Colleges as partners,
Legal requirment to rescue operations &
Covert operations & reconnaissance techniques.
Trust evaluation & trust developing techniques.
Domestic violence, sex trafficking & forced prostitution statistics.
Mental health impact of domestic violence on victims.
Disability & Domestic Violence.
Black, Asian and ethnic minority communities & domestic violence.
Safety & rescue protocol and guidlines.
Non-English speaking victms & associated challanges.

Additional key topics are:
Domestic violence impact on victims.
Domestic violence impact on victim's children.
Parental domestic violence, FGM & related issues.
Effective counselling techniques.
Self defence techniques for women.
Domestic violence organisations as partners
International & cross border rescue protocol
First Aid in emergency situations.
Refuge/Shelter operations, limitations & challenges.
Working with the Press, Broadcast & Media agencies.

If you interested in enrolling for any of our course(s) please email and request for details.
Email: admin@jannethopewellministries.org or complete the application form below.
Course fees may apply to some part of the training & orientation provided.

Course Dates Planned:
To be advised

Course Cost/Fees:
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CRB Record Check:
Please note that in instances where individuals may work with us directly with women and children, a CRB check will be required.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!
Thank you & God bless you!