Feeding Care Packages

Below are information about the feeding care packages project.

Our feeding program both at home and abroad are targeted towards the vulnerable, impoverished and destitute women and their families. The food care program is for women & their children who are struggling to keep food on the table and are having to go without. We also provide essential food and grocery items to vulnerable elderly people and to those who are house bound, hungry or in need.

Where we focus on carrying out the feeding outreach?
1. Edinburgh, Gladgow & Dundee cities in, Scotland.
2. Kitale, Kitatale, and Mkang'ombe in Kenya.
3. Kothapalli & Veeralankapalli, Andra Pradesh, in India.

  • We ask you to partner with us to keep on helping as many women & their families as possible.
  • Our greatest challenge is raising enough funds to keep the montly supply going.
  • The beneficiaries are some of the poorest people in our communities.
  • You can telephone us with your support information to: 44 07448740577
  • You can donate unopened food items
  • You can donate online from our homepage or click the donation section of this page.
We strive to provide the following in various measured amount:
What we provide them?
1. Food bags consisting of bulk essential foods, ingredients, toiletries, etc.
2. Cooked meals on designated outreach days.

Wish list of grocery materials we seek/give out
Kelloggs rice crispies,
Long grain Rice
Red Onions,
McCain Oven Chips,
Basmati Rice, Doritos tortitilla
Oven chips,
Baked beans in tins,
Rice vermicelli noodles,
Tomato puree,
Tim plum tomatoes,
Yogurts for children,
Cooking oil,
Mushy peas (tin),
Frozen chicken portions,
Frozen mixed vegetables.
Loaves of bread (Fresh/Brown & White), Butter,
Grated Mozzerella cheese,
Tin sardines,
Tin marckerel,
Tin Corned Beef,
Tin fruits (all types)
Seasonings of all types,
Fish fingers,
Long lige skimmed milk,
Self-raising flour,
Quality street chocolate.
Grated Cheese,
Boxes of cereal,
Fresh fruits,
Our gratitute goes to the following grocery Chains:
We are extermely thankful to the following grocery store chains who have allowed our team to come and fundraise by bag packing at their numerous premesis all around Scotlamd, from Bathgate, to Glasgow, Edinburghand other locations.

We are very grateful to the management of: ICELAND, ASDA, TESCO, MORRISONS, SAINSBURYS & COOP
for their generous support and for allowing us to raise funds to assist the vulnerable.

We are URGENTLY appeal to grocery store chains, food packaging companies, wholesalers, retailers, distributors and manufacturers to assist us in the United Kingdom to meet the need of the local vulnerable people who in these Covid-19 challenging times and in this tough Brexit season have less in hand to live on and/or to assist themselves. We are appealing for goods, food products, materials as well as funding where possible.

We thank you in advance for your kind support and generosity!
Interested helping?
If you interested in helping with the feeding care program, we welcome your hand of partnership & friendship.
To partner with us, please complete the form below & we will contact you as quickly as possible.
Please note that all our volunteers are required to go through our training & orientation program.
Please note that in instances where individuals will work with us directly with vulnerable women and children,
a CRB check may be required.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!
Thank you & God bless you!

How can I make a donation towards the feeding project?
Thanks for Your Generous Donation! - God bless!
You can send donations directly to our bank account below:
Jannet Hopewell Ministries Scotland Limited
Sort Code: 08-71-99
Account No: 22029290

To donate using PayPal please click the link below:

We invite you to get in touch and join hands with us for the mission work set before us.
Thank you & may the LORD bless up always!