Time For Action!

Are you willing to fight for abused women?
Are you ready to do something about domestic violence & abuse?

Please sign up today to help us with our local, national and international campaign effort.

Our precious campaign warriors are people who are helping us with with our domestic violence campaigns.
They work to help raise awareness and provide information on the impact of domestic abuse and violence against women and their children.
They campaign against sex abuse, sex trafficking and forced prostitution & exploitation.
They stand symbolically with the victims and survivors of domestic abuse and violence.
They take keen interest in their recovery and healing process that enables them to start life afresh, free from fear or intimidation.
They take a strong stand on PREVENTING domestic violence & sex abuse and they actively campaign against it.
They work to help rescue women in crisis & work to provide safe havens for women and their children fleeing or suffering the effects of domestic violence, sex trade, forced prostitution!
They campaign to break the cycle of domestic abuse in the next generation by giving women the opportunity to remove themselves and their children from destructive and unsafe environments.
They stand with women and work to raise their level of dignity,preciousness as well as affirm their value, identity & purporse (VIP) in life.
They work to provide educational support, training, microfinance support, shelter, housing support & other aids to women & children.
They are trained to work as advocates and they subscribe to the highest standards possible.
They work to support victims in Scotland and in other nations.

We have various types/categories of advocates usually known as "Warriors or angels" at JHM:/p>

  • 1. Street advocates/activists who help to hand out DV, ST & Prostitution leaflets & posters
  • 2. Advocates who represent JHM in their local area and leaflets their neighbourhood, shops, GP surgery & office.
  • 3. Advocates who work exclusively within the media industry and are in a position to spread the campagn.
  • 4. Advocates who mobilise supporters for public marches against DV, sex trade & exploitation in prostitution.
  • 5. Advocates who work with churches & faith organisations to educate & advise about DV issues in families.
  • 6. Advocates who work with govermental agencies, politicians, police & social services to train & promote awareness.
  • 7. Residential advocates who leaflets & mails out support information to residental homes.

Please complete the application form below, ensuring that you state that you are applying to volunteer as a campaign advocate: