Supporting Jannet Hopewell Ministry Projects

The Jannet Hopewell Ministry - Scotland outreach projects are in need of your financial & material support. We invite you to consider supporting one of our outreach projects (domestic violence campaigns, Child education, feeding outreach, healthcare, etc.) in all the much needed areas of our activities which are all designed to impact the lives of the victmised, disadvantaged or impoverished people we serve in the nations. We strongly urge & invite you to get invloved!

We invite you to get in touch and join hands with us for the mission work set before us.
Thank you & may the LORD bless you always!
Thanks for Your Generous Donation! - God bless!
You can send donations directly to our bank account below:
You can send donations directly to our bank account below:
Jannet Hopewell Ministries Scotland Limited
Address: Media House, Padge Road, Beeston, Nottingham, NG9 2RS.
Account Type: No Notice Account Account No: 0501-01683-x

We invite you to get in touch and join hands with us for the mission work set before us.
Thank you & may the LORD bless up always!
To donate materials/goods/Items to JHM Scotland, please ship/post your donation to:
Account Name: Jannet Hopewell Ministries Limited
G/1 Peffermil Court
Craigmiller Castle Gardens
EH16 4AA
United Kingdom
Email: admin@jannethopewellministries.co.uk

Champions-4-JH Leadership Academy Partnership
You can simply leave a legacy, a gift or donate any amount of money towards the project.
Or you can become a champion for the academy by supporting the project through conducting fundraising activities by yourself or with others all year round (as you are able to) to raise needed funds for running the academy, buy books, feed the children or build new/more classrooms, as per the need of the academy. Anybody, either individuals or families can participate both old & young alike.

School-2-School Partnership
As a school you can adopt the academy or twin with the academy. You get to develop a strong relationship that can be mutually beneficial to your students and to the girls of the academy. You can fundraise as a school to assist them in meeting their day to day need and in the building construction process and education process. Your students will be able to share their experiences with the academy's students, thereby forging life long links and enabling your own students to become more aware of how life is for girls elsewhere in struggling communities around the world.
It will more than broaden your student's horizon and widen their perspectives in life. The rewards are incalculable and the impact on the girls who attend the academy can never be measured.

It will make a big diffrence in the lives of all the students and change their lives for ever. The academy students can/will exchange letters with the students at your school which will be a wonderful thing for their futures. Your generosity will not be forgotten in a hurry by the children you help and as a unique school for girls.
We hereby strongly urge teachers & head teachers to please get in touch with us to explore how to become a part of this project.

Business-4-Schools Partnership
We invite businesses and companies to adopt our academy for girls schools in India or Africa and help to improve build the schools & raise the standard of education and life for these precious girls. There is an ample oppurtunity to help supply our girls from poor backgrounds with books, food, educational materials, help get the academies running & construct durable infrastructures, erect new buildings modern buildings,help pay teacher's salaries, help build & equip the school library, roof the buildings and so much more.
We truly urge businesses to consider helping us with this project.

Skills-4-Schools Partnership
Professional builders, carpenters, brick layers, engineers, architects and other handy men & women, who have skills that are applicable for property construction are invited to come to the mission field in Africa or India to volunteer your skills, time and passion to help us build, repair, fix, decorate and/or lanscape the faciliti. It is an experience that will seriously & positively impact your entire life. You will be making a huge difference in the lives of these children and their families.

List of benefits attached:
  • You will be making a huge difference in the lives of deprived girls.
  • By your participation, you will be ensuring that these girls have a successful future.
  • You will have the satisfaction of knowing that you are helping to build a better world.
  • Your life will be so enriched by the experience & the reward & personal satisfaction is incalculable to your soul.
  • We invite all would be participants to call us on email us at: admin@jannethopewellministries.org

If you interested in being a part of the this project, please email and request for details.
Email: admin@jannethopewellministries.org or complete the application form below.