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What does the newsletter cover?
The Heart Of Love Magazine comes out in the Spring, Summer, Autumn & Winter.
The Christmas edition comes out as the Winter edition in December annually.
The magazine carries current, recent and ongoing ministry activities both in the United Kingdom and overseas.
It contains details of our activities and partnership activities in the mission field.

Sections of the magazine to look forward to are:
Domestic violence work & advocacy updates,
Health & wholeness articles & serious discussions,
Schools & education work in the mission field,
Partnership information,
Uplifting articles.
Availabe formats:
Download pdf edition & in hard print copy format.

Available upon request.
Free copies are sent to donors & partners of JHM.

    Articles and contibutions to our newsletter comes from our:

    Pastor Jannet Hopewell (Main features),
    Anna Marie Hopewell- Editor
    Freelance journalists,
    Volunteer writers & editors
    Seasoned journalists & writers,
    Much valued freelance photographers,
    Ministry field workers,
    Media partners & contacts,
    General contributors.

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