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Please feel free to contact our helpline on 0131 258 1573.

We provide practical, sensible and counselling support to victims. We do our best to direct them in the right direction for getting more help including getting help from the Police, escaping violence, social services support, prayer support and temporary shelter support. Our website provides a wealth of information which assist victims in gaining more understanding about the evil of domestic abuse, sexual abuse & exploitation, teenage domestic abuse & violence and we provide additional campaign resources such as leaflets, posters and general public awareness resources. It is very essential that:

  • You should call the police if you are a victim of domestic violence or abuse.
  • On average 2 women per week die at the hands of their partner in domestic abuse situations.
  • Between 2009 and 2015, 936 women were killed by men. Of these, 598 (64%) were killed by their current or former partners and 75 (8%) by their sons.
  • Domestic violence or abuse is not love. It is a crime! Flee from it as soon as possible!
Our work with Domestic Violence is worldwide, in that we support & provide women with resources internationally. Our core support for women where we provide shelter are mainly in the United Kingdom, India & Kenya. We also have orphanages and provide educational support, school meals, back to work training for women, microfinance, education, awareness programs & offer women Precious Walk Courses to enhance their Value, Identity & Purpose in life. You can get involved with JHM's international outreach by:
  • Volunteering locally/overseas and assist in the general working of the mission programs
  • Donate funds or resources to assist us in sending missionaries to the mission field.
  • Become a life partner who help us in our effort to build accommodation premses for our women & children.
  • Help to fundraise for expanding the Precious Academy school projects overseas and much more.
Yes, you can fundraise for JHM's work. You simply need to write or email us and we'll send a fundraising pack out to you:
  • You will need to be a responsible adult or groups of adults.
  • You must be reliable, honest and have integrity.
  • Fundraisers cannot have a criminal record relating to finance or financial matters.
  • You must be willing and be able to hold at least two fundraising events per year.
  • You must undertake to bank all funds raised in a JHM bank account with 24Hours of collection
  • You must be accountable and beyond reproach in your dealings & reputation.
  • One hundred percent of the donation received are deployed to assist all the receipients of the services provided by the ministry. Administrative and operational funds are raised through fundraising activities of the charity or stems from goods, services, and professional assistance provided in kind to the chairty both at home and abroad.
    Funds donated for Children & Orphan care are applied in its entirity to the children's needs.